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Purifiber Filter Media products are the right choice for your pool or spa!


But don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers have to say:

“We converted over 100 pools to Purifiber in 2006 with fabulous results. One of the most noticeable was in Casa Grande, AZ where we maintained 4 model homes that backwashed to the front lawns. The lawns were covered w/ gray DE and killing the grass. After a couple months on Purifiber, the used gray DE was gone and the lawns were much healthier. We do have 4-5 applications where we discharge directly into a sewer system with no problems.”

Michael D.


Mark wrote to us and asked if Purifiber would help to remove pollen from pine trees around his pool. This is what he found after using Purifiber: “When I did a backwash & rinse I was amazed at the amount of green pollen that came out. Believe me, I do not think there is another product available that could have removed this pollen as the spores are so small and when agitated they almost seem to turn into a liquid.”

Mark C.


“We have used 100% Purifiber in place of DE in our 18 foot swimming pool for the past 2 years.  After opening the pool and backflushing the system an initial time, we did not need to backflush the filter again for quite some time (4-6 weeks).  The water remained very clear and the pressure in the filter remained low.  Our son even remarked that the “view from under the water” seemed clearer with less stuff floating around (those are technical terms).” 

Ron R.


“Purifiber works wonders in my hot tub.  It clears up the water in minutes, and the added scent is a bonus.”

Denise K .


Before using Purifiber, I tried many liquid products that were supposed to clarify the water. These products were expensive, and the results were unsatisfactory, even after several applications. With Purifiber I only have to use one application of the product to obtain satisfactory results. Two to three applications of Purifiber are generally all I need for the entire swimming season. Purifiber not only gives superior results, it is less expensive and does not involve the addition of chemicals to the water. I recommend Purifiber to all pool owners! ”

Sue F.





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